Last updated January 17, 2024

We would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals and resources that have contributed to the creation of Craft2. We have made every effort to respect the rights and licenses of the resources used in this project. If you believe that your work has been used without proper attribution or in violation of its license, please contact us immediately at[email protected]. Thank you to the entire community for their contributions and support in making Craft2 possible.

Craft2 Minecraft Network

We use tons of assets in Craft2, which most are provided, designed and/or developed by the Craft Team, however due to the amazing quality of some assets as well as providing us with what we need, we use some public assets. These assets are honored by us and we are not shy to mention them publicly, even if we are not required to. We mentioned all public assets that is used in Craft2 on this page, any assets in the Minecraft Network that resembles any other public resource is a pure coincidence.

Resource Pack

Craft2 uses multiple resource packs depending on the server that you are playing on, our minigame servers do not use any assets that are created or contributed by other public resources, all assets in our minigame servers belong to us and are designed by us specifically to meet our needs and to provide you the best looking experience. Our survival server however uses both Craft assets as well as public resource packs that we have been granted permission to use in Craft2. The public resource packs that we use areStay True by haimcyflyas well asReimagined by Reijvi. Both these packs include assets that are used in Craft Survival however not solely using any of the packs. These packs have been combined together to meet our needs as well as give you a great re-imagination of Minecraft.

  • Stay True

    This is an amazing pack provided by haimcfly which allows Craft Survival to have a variety of textures for everything, ranging from blocks, flowers to items with effects. Stay True really helps us give Minecraft the variation it needs. ( Custom Block variations or any non-vanilla blocks are not provided or textured by Stay True )

  • Reimagined

    The pack that reimagines Minecraft, re-texturing and giving a new feeling to so many new items, Reimagined is used in Craft Survival for mostly its beautiful items as well as some GUIs, without Reimagined, we couldn't make Craft Survival feel like a new Minecraft experience. ( Non-vanilla GUIs or non-vanilla items are not provided or textured by Reimagined )

Server Plugins

Most of the technology used in Craft2 is crafted by the Craft Team, including our server softwares that allow us to connect everyone togehter and run a smooth game experience. We use some plugins that mostly allow us to connect more players together as well as providing us with APIs that we can work with in order to speed-up development. The public plugins we use are listed below, any plugins used in Craft2 that resemblances any other plugin is a pure coincidence and is not linked in any way to Craft plugins.

  • ViaVersion

    ViaVersion allows Craft2 to connect all build's of the latest version of Minecraft together. Allowing even a larger community into Craft2.

  • LuckPerms

    LuckPerms is Craft2's core to permission management. LuckPerms is used throughout the Network in all servers to manage ranks and more.

  • GeyserMC

    GeyserMC allows Craft2 in "bridging the gap between Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition servers". This allows all players throughout the Minecraft community to experience Craft2. Another huge thank you to GeyserMC team for making Craft2 possible.

Craft2 Website


  • Tailwind

    Tailwind is used behind everything you see to give you the best experience that suits your device as well as giving you a comfortable design to look at.

  • React

    React allows us to provide a smooth, responsive experience so you can naviage through the website with no issues.